What is Residual Revenue Secrets (RRS)?

Residual revenue secrets is a unique program that shows you how to build a real online business. Unlike other programs that teach you how to market something that you do not own, Residual Revenue Secrete teaches you all about creating your own business. You will learn how to do it on the bases of your interest, hobbies or if you do not have any business  idea you will have one to get started.

You can sign up for a FREE 3 days training and you will discover how to:

  • Find services or products that people really want
  • Identify an ideal customer for your product or services
  • Build a business plan that will last long
  • Build up a system for revenue generation that you can repeat after
  • Get a millionaire mindset
  • Guarantee your business is reliable

Who is Behind Residual Revenue Secrets?

There is always great person behind a great product. Residual revenue secrets is a great program, founded by a serial entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and reputable business owner, Jason McClain (PhD). He manages and owns a number of successful companies such as Click Promise, Consumer legal solutions, high traffic academy, Entrakids, McClain Concept and many other.

He has established a presence in the online space for more than 20 years. Since then he developed and sold over 14 companies. In 2015 alone, in his online business he made more than 12 million US dollar. Jason is sought after by a large number of companies all over the world such as Dell computers, Home Depot, General Electric etc..

Currently he spends his time developing new programs, creating businesses, mentoring and teaching entrepreneurs. In one of the company he owns, High Traffic Academy, he mentors more than 100, 000 students. He teaches people how to build online business,  generate traffic, and marketing system that generates reliable return.

Is this you? Do you want a real change? Are you looking for a system that works? Are you tired of schemes, plans and ideas that do not work? If so, take a few minutes and start your journey towards a reliable change today.


Is Residual Revenue Secrets  program for everyone?

Absolutely NOT.  To participate in this program you have to be in one of the following categories:

  • If you are looking a reliable and sustainable business
  • If you have a desire to stop your 9 to 5 job
  • If you want to live life to the fullest and on your terms
  • If you believe and understand that working hard alone doesn’t take you where you want to be and if you promise to work smarter.
  • If you do not like your current job and want to spend more time doing what you love.
  • If you like your job but you want more flexibility and have a desire of opening up your own business.

If you fall at least in one of the categories above, you are a perfect match for this program. Do not waste your time and signup for this program. It is a 3 day FREE training program that will give you massive value.

My personal Experience

The main reasons that I am adding this section is to give you a better understanding of what you can expect within the 3 episodes. Each video lasts between 50 – 70 minute and I will give you some of the major details that I feel you must know.

Day 1. Discovering the Perfect Product

This is the information that most entrepreneurs missed. In this section all the necessary steps that you need to discover your ideal product are listed in a simple and understandable manner. It is as simple as 1,2,3.

In this video you will get in-depth knowledge of:

  • How to create a revenue plan
  • How to find the right product or services that the market places needs
  • Understanding the needs of consumers
  • How to identify  the need
  • Much more

One of the things I like about this video is the decoration. You will promise to yourself to become a successful online business owner no matter what the situation is. This is one of the motivation talk that we need to elevate ourselves and to become a person what we want to be.

Day 2. Creating a Business That Works

Day 2 like day 1 starts with a lots of useful information. Some of the information includes:

  • How to think outside of the box by forgetting what you have been through for a moment and relying and depending on a new way of getting something done in a shorter and faster way.
  • How to create a true path to freedom
  • The type of businesses that you will build
  • How to reverse engineer another concept
  • Much more

Day 3. Developing a Plan for Domination

In day 3, you will be learning:

  • How to develop a plan for domination in general.
  • What types of business will you build
  • How to build and launch your affiliate program
  • Why can’t you get what you want

At the ends of this video, you will get an amazing one in a life time mind blowing opportunity. Let me hold this surprises for now, you will find out when you completed the whole training video.

How Does This Training Structured


As you can see from the above screenshot, all the days are coded in such a way that you can’t skip any videos and encourages to  straight focus on the day to day training and dig more. You have to completely sit and finish the entire Day 1 training video following your registration.  To access day 2 video training, you have to finish day 1 till the end and you have to wait for 24 hour before the “Day 2” training unlock. All the remaining episodes will self-unlock itself each day accordingly.

The reason for this unlocking after 24 hour structure is to let you learn and take action from that particular episode to maximize your learning capacity.

Do I recommend this program?

Absolutely YES.

First of all it is a free training program to start, you do not lose any money.

Second, If you struggle to make money online and you failed many times, and if you are still looking for a system that works, this is the right program for you

Third, Whether you have a successful online business or  you have made some money online before, this program is the right training program for you to take your business to the next level.

Think about it, which one  is better? Building your own business through Residual Revenue Secrets training program or wasting money by promoting some other programs that you do not own  and you don’t know how long will exist. The choice is up to you.


Finally, I have come to the end of my Residual Revenue Secret Review. By this time, you clearly understand what this big opportunity is all about and would now be able to make a much better decision going forward. If you have any questions or if you want to share with us your personal opinion or experience about Residual revenue secret, please feel free to do so below.

I look forward to reading all of your comments