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Why reinvent the wheel when there are literally thousands, if not millions of other people already working on creating bigger, better and faster wheels all the time? Doesn’t it just make more sense if you can leverage what they’re already doing for your own profit?

In essence, that’s what you get when you leverage the power of AdMobiSpy in the realm of mobile advertising. By spying on the competition, you can unlock incredible insights and better optimize your own campaigns for maximum profit and effectiveness. Ready to learn more? Let’s hop straight into today’s review and see what this online tool is all about.

A Smarter Approach to Mobile Advertising

Undeniably one of the fastest growing trends in the online world is the shift to mobile. More and more people are surfing the web on their smartphones and tablets, so it only makes sense that online advertising has to adapt too.


What might be remarkably effective on a desktop could fail miserably when adapted to the smaller screen of a mobile device. With AdMobiSpy, you focus solely on the mobile advertising space, spying on the competition to glean what they’re doing well (and what they’re doing poorly).

As of this writing, AdMobiSpy currently monitors 23 advertising networks — including Google AdWords, Revmob, Vungle, and Facebook (beta) — plus 6 pop-up/redirect networks. That’s more than 27,000 different ads that are displayed every day across 183 countries around the world. That’s a lot of data! Using this data, you can better target the most profitable traffic sources, increase CTR, and track the landing pages of successful advertisers.

Searching the Competition

The main dashboard of AdMobiSpy is effectively broken down into a few main tabs, the most important of which is suitably labeled as “mobile ads.” This is where you can search for the ads that other advertisers are running across the various networks.


Start by searching for any keywords or terms that you think may be most relevant to your audience or campaign. I’m using “iPhone” here as a hypothetical example. The search results can be further refined based on the ad network, geotargeting and timeframe. There’s also an advanced search for ad text, ad link and app.

The resulting list if further separated based on the ad type, including banners, video, text, HTML and teasers. This way, you can really look for the ads in your space that would be competing specifically with what you want to do.


Clicking on any of the displayed ads brings up a wealth of additional information about that particular ad. You can view the corresponding landing page, see which geographical areas are being targeted, and see what devices are being targeted.

If you find ads that you’d like to track and follow, they can be easily added to your favorites for future reference. There is a handy toolbar that sits at the bottom of the screen to handle multiple selections, either for saving to favorites or exporting to a zip file.

Analyzing Trends for Fun and Profit

Under the Analytics tab in AdMobiSpy, you can search for and track an incredible amount of data about other mobile advertisers too. This can be based on keyword, app name or website URL, filtering by network, geotargeting, category and timeframe.

For instance, I noticed a significant positive trend in interest in the Yandex Browser. Why would advertisers want to target this app more?


Clicking on the corresponding page, I can see the developer, category and shop for the promoted app, as well as how many ads were created promoting it, how many times the ads were shown, how many mobile networks were targeted and more.

Scrolling further down the page, I can watch trends in terms of the number of ads for each network over time, which geographical locations are being targeted under each network, the trend of which geographical locations are being targeted over time, user demographics, redirects, competitors (and their associated data), and the top performing ads. You can really dig into this data to optimize your own campaigns.

How Much Does It Cost?

AdMobiSpy is offered in a number of different pricing plans, depending on your specific needs. Basic subscriptions start as low as $39 a month with discounts for when you pay for three months, six months or twelve months at a time.


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